10,000 days of Summer

Episode 0 - Part 2

Melek was not like the other nobles that had slaves in Malkara. He did not concern himself with the acquisition of money and power as others did and for that his guards and slaves were grateful. Even though he owned slaves and they were treated as such (as far as station and class is concerned), they never saw the beatings, rape, and other horrible things that common slaves experienced with other nobles. Melek kept a nice house, and his slaves lived about as good as they could for being slaves. However, he was not without his vices. To contend with the competitive nature of the noble class, he did acquire Kargath as a street fighter to bet on for extra coin and Jin to enter into the gladiatorial arena. However, these few questionable things don’t outweigh the kinder things he provides.

Melek had gathered Kargath and Jin in his main chamber. He tells them that his house guards will take them to the outskirts of the Malkara, where they are to descend into a “cursed” ruined library that was consumed by the desert after the spellplague and retrieve a mysterious red leather book.

Kargath and Jin are both hardened warriors, but Jin is just as likely to kill Kargath as he is to kill Melek’s own house guards. So, Melek also sends his favored slave and apprentice, Thom. Lastly, he sends his “song bird”, Jasmine, to make sure his warriors don’t fall to any wounds they may receive. They are fitted with metal slave collars which indicate they are slaves, then they are chained and taken to the entrance of the library outside the city. The entrance is nothing more than a collapsed floor that was once part of a courtyard. The hole descends 20 feet and they are unchained and kicked down the hole. The guards were to wait for the slaves at the top of hole until they come back with the book.

The party ran across and defeated some particularly talkative goblins and host of zombies, but eventually found something they did not expect…. a Drow guarding the red leather book. This Drow, not speaking Calashite, had her translator speak for her and offered a deal instead of bloodshed. The drow offered that if they leave the book and her alone, she will give them the means to kill Melek. Much details and plans were plotted and both morals and allegiances were tested. In the end, the group decided that freedom was a better choice, even though Melek has showed them more kindness than any noble in Malkara ever would.


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