Slave and student to Melek, The Sand Wizard of Malkara


Thom was born in Calimport to a drunken lout of a father and a slave mother. His father is an escaped slave that runs small street gang his mother was a washerwoman for a tiefling merchant. Their frequent trysts left them with three children and many beatings for his mother. My older sister was born strong and fast and my father immediately saw in her a replacement for when he wants to retire into hiding. He has groomed her in battle and politics but most importantly he has taught her how to prey on the weak. Those lesson where taught on him. Thom was born frail and small and seemingly powerless. Thoms father hated him for his physical weakness and would use him as a training bag. Thoms little sister is beautiful beyond imagining. Even at her young age it could be seen that she would blossom into a beautiful woman, a dangerous thing to be in a nation of slavers. Thoms little sister adored him and was the first to help him with his wounds after sparring with his older sister and to sing little songs to bring some cheer back to his day.

Thoms father never saw value in him or so he thought. Things where getting dangerous for his father and after a few close calls he decided to sale Thom to a merchant on the decline for whatever he could get and used that money to smuggle the rest of the family out of calimport. Things did not go as planned for Thoms father though and soon after leaving calimport he sold off his young daughter and Thoms mother. Rumors floated back to Thom of his fathers deeds and also that his mother perished in the desert while being transported to Malkara. Assuming his mother and sister where being sent to the same place Thom vowed to go there and free his little sister from slavery.

At 12 years old Thom began his life as a slave. Morech was a merchant on the decline. His business partners had gutted much of the assets and left Morech with nothing buy debt. Our home was once expansive but like the rest of the neighborhood it had falling into disrepair over the years and it was my job to upkeep it. Morech while stern was not cruel in any way. Being more concerned with growing his reputation and fortune back left his slaves to themselves most times. Being small left me little time to myself though. The rest of the slaves took advantage of my weakness and used me to do many of their duties while they ran off to do what they wished while Morech wasnt looking. It was Morech that finally unlocked the hidden strength in me. Morech decided to take stock of his slaves and sale off those that he didnt need or found valuable. Thom feared the day of judgement for he assumed he would be sold off to a much more cruel master because of his weakness. As Morech made his way back and forth judging us it was only Thom that he pulled aside and took to a back room that none of us ever got to enter. While sitting there Thom could hear the rest of the slaves being chained and led out into the yard and could hear the wagons roll away. Upon Morechs return he just nodded to me and said, silly boy all this time you where the most powerful amongst them and you let your fear keep you from seeing it.

For the next year I became less of a slave and more of an apprentice to Morech. He coaxed out of me the power of first lightning then what seemed to me the even more impressive power of thunder. In that year while teaching me to harness the powers i had inside me he also taught me confidence and strength of personality. I was soon sent off to persuade other merchant to buy or sale items from Morech and his business began to see signs of growth again. Like vultures realizing more meat was on a carcass Morech old business partners returned and bullied their way back into his business. At first we let them come and we tied all of our assets together. Then the day came that Morech asked me to repay him his kindness. We where all to transport goods to Malkara and meet a local official to increase our ties and hopefully profits. Morech being alone convinced his partners to bring thier families along to impress the official. Half way between Calimport and Malkara he made his move. I was to strike at night taking the guards by surprise using my frailty as a cover. From the cover of night lightning then thunder rang and the guards where soon dispatched and it was then that Morech released me on his partners and their families. Morech did not gloat or smile he seemed to get no joy from the destruction of his rivals he only saw it as a necessary evil to remove them from his back.

The next day we moved out to complete our meeting with the official in Malkara. Thom was despondent and tried to muffle his weeping at night as they traveled. For his part Morech spoke little to Thom the rest of the trip but did share with him from his decanter of brandy and pretended not to notice his condition. Upon reaching Malkara Morech took Thom to meet Melek and informed him that Melek would be his master now and would train him further in the arts. Morechs meeting was a success and soon returned to Meleks manor to celebrate with me. I had never seen him like this he was almost giddy and even laughed aloud several times and in his drunkeness he passed to me a book he said, with a wink, of secret power and that it was my duty now to unlock its power. The book was empty and i would spend the next 3 years of my life filling it with my thoughts and training notes. He also informed me that his new wealth would buy him nobility in Malkara and that he was transferring his estates and life to there. I was soon introduced the the government official that made it all happen, Tarenal, and Tarenal would often borrow me from Melek to protect him as he travelled the city.

Melek was not a slave owner in the normal sense of the term. Melek was a teacher and mentor and honed my skills through vigorous training that hardened me both inside and out but he never took my compasion for people away. Morech and I remained close for he gave me most of the credit in his new windfall. When Melek wasnt training me and when i was not protecting Tarenal i spent my time with Morech helping him to increase his assets. As a favor to me Morech began sending out people to search for my sister in the hopes that he could purchase her and give her a better life.

The next three years where good ones and my strength grew. I am 16 now and while i have determined i can never be free in Malkara I am content with my life. My only sadness is that my sister has yet to be found and that to get to where i am i had to take the lives of people that who may not have been good they in no way deserved death.


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