Jasmine "Snaag" Tripathi

Mulhorandi girl with a magical voice and noble blood, her world is now shattered in the wake of the Spellplague




Jasmine’s father, a Mulhorandi named Jasvinder Tripathi, was a powerful general who resided in Skuld, the capitol of Mulhorand. He made a lot of powerful connections at home and powerful enemies of the people of Unther, a longtime enemy of Mulhorand. Jasvinder was married to a woman named Amita, whose family came from a wealthy merchant house from Arrabar in Chondath.

The two had put off having children for a while due to his career, but eventually, due to his wealth, he was able to retire at 30, settle down with his wife, and attempt to break into a life of nobility. When Jasvinder was in the military, many of the soldiers he led were slaves at home in Mulhorand. Having fought alongside many of these slaves, he took it upon himself to try to buy as many as he can and use his connections to employ as many as he can throughout the city.

Within a few short years, he was able to put a small dent into the slave trade in Mulhorand. He persuaded some of his closest ties to abandon slave ownership completely and, by doing this, made enemies of a few powerful slavetraders.

(Short on time so going to bullet point the rest of it:)
-A slavetrader named Mandeep that worked in both Unther and Mulhorand provided slaves for an Untherian general named Kishan whose greatest defeat came at the hands of Jasvinder. In exchange for a mass purchase of slaves, as well as a handsome tip, Mandeep did some investigative work on the Tripathi family and sold the information to Kishan.
-A few years later, Jasmine is born.
-Shortly after Jasmine’s birth, Kishan’s plan comes together. He hires a hitman to take out Jasvinder and his family, but unfortunately for Kishan, Jasmine and Amita were out visiting friends of the family when it happened. After the assassination, Amita tried to seek out Jasvinder’s family to take care of her and her child, but Kishan had either killed them, paid for their name to be ruined, or, in the cases of the younger members of the family, enslaved them.
-Amita took Jasmine out of Mulhorand and hired a caravan with what was left of her gold to go to Arrabar.
-The spell plague occurs on their way from Mulhorand to Arrabar, adding even more weight to an already heavy journey.
-Eventually, Amita makes it to Arrabar and is devastated to find that Kishan’s plan involved not only the ruination of the Tripathi family, but also of her own Gupta family.
-After months of searching, Amita is eventually able to find the last living member of her family: Sankar, her father.
-Her father, well into his senior years, works at a small tavern/inn as an entertainer, making enough to pay for food and a place to stay.
-He is able to get Amita a job as a waitress so she can make enough to take care of Jasmine.
-In order to prevent from being found, they take on aliases.
-As Jasmine grows up, she learns how to read/write Mulhorrandi and Chondathan from her grandfather, as well as play various instruments and sing.
-Her and her grandfather had a very strong relationship.
-When Jasmine was 13 years old, she fell violently ill. Her grandfather was heading towards his twilight and was becoming a bit senile, but out of love for his granddaughter, he tracked down the son of a nobleman whom he was once great friends with and begged him to provide the money for the medicine Jasmine needed. The nobleman refused to believe the beggar was who he said he was and had his guards throw him from the premises. In desperation, her grandfather made a deal with a man who occasionally came by the tavern who was known as the local loan shark and, in exchange for his servitude for his remaining years, provided the money for Jasmine’s medicine.
-When Jasmine recovers, she takes over her grandfather’s spot as the lead entertainer of the tavern/inn.
-The nobleman who had originally been asked by Sankar for money recognizes Jasmine as the talented girl on whose behalf her grandfather plead for her health.
-Rumors spread about the Gupta family being reduced to a small group of street performers and beggars.
-Kishan had migrated to Arrabar after the spellplague. He hears of this and decides to finish the job. He finds Sankar, buys him off of the loan shark, and kills him.
-The nobleman who had spread the rumor finds out about Kishan’s intentions and tips off Amita before she suffers the same fate.
-Amita and Jasmine attempt an escape, Jasmine bringing a lute her grandfather made himself.
-They’re hunted down and cornered by some hired arms on their way out of the city. Amita manages to sacrifice herself in order to provide enough of a distraction for Jasmine to get away out of the city.

-Jasmine escapes the city and wanders around to the west for a while, performing for traveling merchants in order to get food and water.
-Eventually, she runs across a caravan of goblins who are in the middle of raiding a caravan that was carrying gold and silver ore.
-She attempts to distract them by singing/performing for them. The merchants and miners get away.
-They like her tune enough to not kill her, but take her in and force her to entertain them with music in exchange for shelter and not being murdered by them.
-Eventually, she learns goblin and is able to assimilate more into their culture.
-She’s given the Goblin name Snaag
-She finds out that originally when she came across them, they were attacking miners that had taken ore from mines that belonged in the goblin’s territory. The miners brought mercenaries with them that did not speak goblin and had killed any goblins that tried to stop them.
-She befriends the brother of the chief, the kindest goblin among the group. He was supposed to be the chief, but his brother was the stronger and the more cutthroat of the group, which, although these goblins weren’t the kind that killed anything in sight, they still valued over intelligence/mercy.
-The chief had never liked Jasmine and would occasionally stop by where she stayed to ask her to do degrading tasks like clean out where the goblins went to the bathroom and would force her to play music and dance for him while he mocked her and made sure she felt excluded from the tribe.
-Eventually, she has enough of it and creates a song in which she fabricates a fight between the brother and the chief where she claims that the good brother took pity on the weaker chief and he let the chief become chief so that no other goblin would kill him or take advantage of him for being so pathetic.
-The goblins like the song so much that they take it as truth and the chief is humiliated to the point where he steps down and leaves.
-The brother takes over and ensures that Jasmine is treated fairly by the rest of the goblins.
-As time grows by, wanderlust strikes her and she bids farewell to the goblin camp and makes friends with traveling human nomads who are making their way west.
-These are the same nomads from Heather’s backstory.

-After a few years of traveling, staying in a place for months, traveling, staying in a place for months, on the outskirts of Calimsham, Jasmine is caught in her sleep by the goblin chief and a few of his lackeys that followed him out of the camp.
-He sells her to a Dwarven slavetrader named Hakiir.
-Hakiir brings her to Malkara where she’s bought and plays the lute/sings and works at the same bar that Heather’s character does. Well, not works. Slaves.
-After working for a while, she catches the eye of Jadar who intends to take her home, have his way with her, then dump her back afterwards.
-When she’s there, she finds out a secret of his (she speaks primordial, which, I think, is the Genasi language. She speaks whatever the Genasi language is.)
-She blackmails him and makes sure he provides easier work for her and Heather’s character Kargath.
-He provides them a better bar to work at
-The police force has many members that often come through there and she makes friends with a Genasi whose name I’ll make up later since I’m trying to rush this for you
-Through working there for a while, she hears of Melek who catches her interest, since they’re both arcane users (just realized I didn’t put in this. She acquired it when she learned combat from the goblins. If there’s anything else I missed, I’ll add it in later, just call or text me.)

Generally easy-going, which she got from her grandfather who kept going even though his entire life crumbled. Instead of getting hotheaded on the surface, she likes to get back at others through sneaky or backhanded means.
Follows the Mulhorandi pantheon, as did her parents and grandparents.
Distrusts government/law.
Knows of her father’s life but does not expect to ever reach the status of nobility. Instead, she wants to find a way to abolish slavery and ruin the standing of any corrupt and/or abusive nobles

Jasmine "Snaag" Tripathi

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