• Jasmine "Snaag" Tripathi

    Jasmine "Snaag" Tripathi

    Mulhorandi girl with a magical voice and noble blood, her world is now shattered in the wake of the Spellplague
  • Jin


    Mysterious warrior with dark powers that now serves Melek the Sand Wizard as a gladiator.
  • Kargath


    Former bounty hunter now forced to street fight for the entertainment and coin of Calimshan nobles
  • Thom


    Slave and student to Melek, The Sand Wizard of Malkara
  • Melek - The Sand Wizard of Malkara

    Melek - The Sand Wizard of Malkara

    The famed Sand Wizard of Malkara. Melek doesn't concern himself with the cities politics, but rather on the aquisition of knowledge. Although he keeps slaves as all nobles do in Calimshan, Melek is noticably kinder to his servants than other slave owners.
  • Old Frick

    Old Frick

    Former Pirate and surly owner of The Salty Parrot Tavern