10,000 days of Summer

A Time for Action

The weeks locked away in cells proved long and depressing, but the party endured. Jasmine, being locked in her birdcage in the main chamber, noticed that Melek had many visitors and was working through a lot of paperwork. On one fateful night, one of Jadar’s representatives came to summon Melek to what appeared to be an arranged meeting. Later that night in the main chamber, the ground opened up via a magical sink hole and out clamored the mysterious Drow along with her guard and a host of zombies. Jasmine convinced them not to kill her outright, and the dark cadre made their way through the manor house. In the meantime, Jin had managed to escape and avoid the zombies that have taken to snacking on the house guards. He snuck around and managed to free Thom and Kargath as well as many other slaves.

When the group formed up they defeated the zombies and freed Jasmine in the main chamber. They made they to Melek’s desk, and discovered that he had pardon papers being prepared, as he planeed to free them. All that was missing was the seal that would finalize the paperwork. They made their way to Melek’s library where they discovered the Drow pouring over Melek’s books with her guard posted up around the library for protection. Jin managed to sneak into Melek’s treasure room (located adjacent to the library) and recover the party’s equipment. When everyone felt confident, they confronted the Drow and a fight ensued. When it seemed like the Drow was in trouble, the Tiefling appeared to help her but the group proved to strong and defeated the Drow. The Tiefling escaped down the hole from which they first emerged, leaving the party to decide what to do next.


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