10,000 days of Summer

Episode 0.5

After hours of discussion (literally and figuratively), the party decides to use the invisibility potions that were given to them by the Drow to steal her book. That role fell to Jin as his stealth and shadow abilities would benefit the most. The rest of the group waited outside the entrance of ruin waiting for him.

Jin crept into the dank hallways and manage to steal the book, but not without alerting the Drow and her guards. The chase was afoot. Invisible, he ran to the surface, but not without his new enemies giving chase. As he broke the surface, he ran straight for Malkara, with the others running close behind. The Drow and her minions gave a short chase, but stopped when they got too close to the city. The group decides to split, leaving Thom and Kargath just outside the city walls while Jin and Jasmine go to the Salty Parrot to set up a meeting with Melek.

They get their wish and they meet up with Melek in a back room. Jasmine tries to leverage their freedom by offering the Red Leather Book to Melek. Melek is shocked that his favored slaves want this as he feels life without his protection would certainly lead to their deaths. After some discussion, Melek began to lose patience and demanded the book as Jasmine had brought it with her to the meeting. He also wanted them to come back to the compound with him and to tell him where the whereabouts of Thom and Kargath.

Jasmine, realizing that she literally had no leverage, surrendered to Melek and his guards and giving up the location of Thom and Kargath, who were subsequently captured. Now, their future is uncertain as the they are taken back to Melek’s compound and the once kind eyes that looked upon them are now full of anger and pain.


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