10,000 days of Summer

A Time for Action

The weeks locked away in cells proved long and depressing, but the party endured. Jasmine, being locked in her birdcage in the main chamber, noticed that Melek had many visitors and was working through a lot of paperwork. On one fateful night, one of Jadar’s representatives came to summon Melek to what appeared to be an arranged meeting. Later that night in the main chamber, the ground opened up via a magical sink hole and out clamored the mysterious Drow along with her guard and a host of zombies. Jasmine convinced them not to kill her outright, and the dark cadre made their way through the manor house. In the meantime, Jin had managed to escape and avoid the zombies that have taken to snacking on the house guards. He snuck around and managed to free Thom and Kargath as well as many other slaves.

When the group formed up they defeated the zombies and freed Jasmine in the main chamber. They made they to Melek’s desk, and discovered that he had pardon papers being prepared, as he planeed to free them. All that was missing was the seal that would finalize the paperwork. They made their way to Melek’s library where they discovered the Drow pouring over Melek’s books with her guard posted up around the library for protection. Jin managed to sneak into Melek’s treasure room (located adjacent to the library) and recover the party’s equipment. When everyone felt confident, they confronted the Drow and a fight ensued. When it seemed like the Drow was in trouble, the Tiefling appeared to help her but the group proved to strong and defeated the Drow. The Tiefling escaped down the hole from which they first emerged, leaving the party to decide what to do next.

Episode 0.5

After hours of discussion (literally and figuratively), the party decides to use the invisibility potions that were given to them by the Drow to steal her book. That role fell to Jin as his stealth and shadow abilities would benefit the most. The rest of the group waited outside the entrance of ruin waiting for him.

Jin crept into the dank hallways and manage to steal the book, but not without alerting the Drow and her guards. The chase was afoot. Invisible, he ran to the surface, but not without his new enemies giving chase. As he broke the surface, he ran straight for Malkara, with the others running close behind. The Drow and her minions gave a short chase, but stopped when they got too close to the city. The group decides to split, leaving Thom and Kargath just outside the city walls while Jin and Jasmine go to the Salty Parrot to set up a meeting with Melek.

They get their wish and they meet up with Melek in a back room. Jasmine tries to leverage their freedom by offering the Red Leather Book to Melek. Melek is shocked that his favored slaves want this as he feels life without his protection would certainly lead to their deaths. After some discussion, Melek began to lose patience and demanded the book as Jasmine had brought it with her to the meeting. He also wanted them to come back to the compound with him and to tell him where the whereabouts of Thom and Kargath.

Jasmine, realizing that she literally had no leverage, surrendered to Melek and his guards and giving up the location of Thom and Kargath, who were subsequently captured. Now, their future is uncertain as the they are taken back to Melek’s compound and the once kind eyes that looked upon them are now full of anger and pain.

Episode 0 - Part 2

Melek was not like the other nobles that had slaves in Malkara. He did not concern himself with the acquisition of money and power as others did and for that his guards and slaves were grateful. Even though he owned slaves and they were treated as such (as far as station and class is concerned), they never saw the beatings, rape, and other horrible things that common slaves experienced with other nobles. Melek kept a nice house, and his slaves lived about as good as they could for being slaves. However, he was not without his vices. To contend with the competitive nature of the noble class, he did acquire Kargath as a street fighter to bet on for extra coin and Jin to enter into the gladiatorial arena. However, these few questionable things don’t outweigh the kinder things he provides.

Melek had gathered Kargath and Jin in his main chamber. He tells them that his house guards will take them to the outskirts of the Malkara, where they are to descend into a “cursed” ruined library that was consumed by the desert after the spellplague and retrieve a mysterious red leather book.

Kargath and Jin are both hardened warriors, but Jin is just as likely to kill Kargath as he is to kill Melek’s own house guards. So, Melek also sends his favored slave and apprentice, Thom. Lastly, he sends his “song bird”, Jasmine, to make sure his warriors don’t fall to any wounds they may receive. They are fitted with metal slave collars which indicate they are slaves, then they are chained and taken to the entrance of the library outside the city. The entrance is nothing more than a collapsed floor that was once part of a courtyard. The hole descends 20 feet and they are unchained and kicked down the hole. The guards were to wait for the slaves at the top of hole until they come back with the book.

The party ran across and defeated some particularly talkative goblins and host of zombies, but eventually found something they did not expect…. a Drow guarding the red leather book. This Drow, not speaking Calashite, had her translator speak for her and offered a deal instead of bloodshed. The drow offered that if they leave the book and her alone, she will give them the means to kill Melek. Much details and plans were plotted and both morals and allegiances were tested. In the end, the group decided that freedom was a better choice, even though Melek has showed them more kindness than any noble in Malkara ever would.

Episode 0

The story up until now:

Kargath (Heather) – After being sold to Hakiir, you taken in chains, you were taken across the long desert to the small city/town of Malkara. Hakiir quickly sold her to Old Frick, a surly retired pirate that owns the The Salty Parrot, a den of haven for those that don’t want to be found. Kargath is forced into working there as labor, moving heavy things. Freedom is never an option however, as Kargath was constantly chained and under supervision. Slave life has been difficult, being an orc means being treated slightly better than an animal. In fact, the camels and horses don’t get beaten nearly as much as Hakiir has, even though they both share the same stable. While working in the common room, Kargath noticed the most beautiful singing and young dark skinned girl caught his eye. He also notices that she caught the eye of the infamous slave owner Jadar, who she knows to use slaves as he sees fit. Over time, Kargath and the Mulhondhi girl, Jasmine became friends. Just knowing Jasmine made Kargath’s life easier, as she seemed to know things about Old Frick just from keeping her ears open. One day, Old Frick sells Kargath and Jasmine (call me Snaag), to the wizard Melek, who is not nearly as mean but does have his uses for slaves. Kargath is used as a bare knuckle street boxer and Jasmine became his personal song bird, complete with birdcage.

Jasmine (Joey) – After being sold by the goblin chieftan and sold to Hakiir, you are caged and brought across the desert to the Djinn controlled city of Malkara. Jasmine is only allowed to bring her lute with her as even the hardened Hakiir enjoyed her singing. Eventually you are sold to an old portly sailor known as Old Frick, who owns the The Salty Parrot. It didn’t take long for you to be used for entertainment, as you were required to sing (and sometimes dance) for hours on end. The infamous slave owner Jadar, takes an unhealthy interest in you, and he tried to purchase you several times, but Frick refused. Your ability overhear things around you pays off, and you hear some information about Frick skimming tax money from Memnon, causes him to treat you differently. At your time in the The Salty Parrot, you notice a large half-orc named Kargath. He seems to take a liking to you and you singing and soon the 2 of you become friends. Old Frick is persuaded to sell you off to Melek, The Sand Wizard of Malkara. When the opportunity arises, you insist that Kargath be sold to or you would tell of his secret. Old Frick agrees and you sent to Melek’s house, where he is considerably nicer but still uses slaves. Kargath is taken off and used in sort of street fighting while you are kept in a very large and luxurious birdcage.

Thom (Glenn) – There are worst things in Malkara and Calisham then life with Melek. Through his teachings, you have become stronger than you ever thought you could have and on occasion you had to remind yourself that you were not truly free. There are other slaves that have things much worse than you, and you know you can never find your sister if you are dead. You are not allowed to leave the compound although you are not kept under constant supervision like the other slaves. You have become an ear for Melek and through you he keeps tracks of affairs in his house. Most recently, 2 new purchases were made. One, an unnamed half-orc, the other one seems to be a young girl from the once land of Mulhorrand. Melek has a weakness for competition, and purchased the half-orc for the street fighting arenas to make extra coin. The orc is often brought back bruised and bloodied and hardly says a word to anyone. For the girl, who Melek calls his songbird, the Mulhorrandi girl, Melek had built a very large birdcage to keep her in. It was very lush, with rugs and pillows and such, but she was to be kept in her cage mostly to sing. You continue with your day to day studies in the hopes that you will one day be given the opportunity to be free.

Jin (Ereck) – Your aptitude for fighting has landed you much favor the gladiatorial ring. Although small and often used for just spectacle, the arenas can be blood and brutal place. You successfully had 2 fights in the gladiator ring before your spectral cat made its appearance. The shock of seeing appear from nowhere and tear your opponent to shreds was enough to make anyone not want to fight you. You have been kept in cold stone room, mostly to yourself. There is a small opening in the door where Melek has told you that because of your abilities, the other owners of the slaves want you dead for killing their slaves using magic. So mostly you’ve been relegated to solitude as even the other servants are afraid of you.


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